CAR, Sponsorship Day, DRT/MAT survey, 2023 order form/price list, newly posted items


We are working hard to get the Conference Agenda Report finalized and posted. In the meantime, there are some important dates and new resources to tell you about:

2023 CAR Is Posted

The 2023 Conference Agenda Report has been posted more than a week early. (The publication deadline this cycle is 30 November.) Translated versions will be available by 30 December. At the onset of the pandemic, we discontinued paper mailings of publications including the CAR. Interested members can download the document for free from the link on

We will post PowerPoints and videos summarizing the CAR contents as soon as we are able to complete them.

We have also posted the CAR survey at We encourage all members to fill it out before 1 April 2023. Survey results help the conference prioritize the work ahead. If you have any questions about the CAR content, drop us a line:

Sponsorship Day

The first of December is Sponsorship Day. We offer some items that can help you mark the occasion. Sponsorship-related ecards are available to send when members make a contribution to World Services by selecting Send Some Love on the contributions page: Sponsorship medallions are only $5 (item 9603) from our webstore ( or $10 with a keyring holder (item 9603b).

Join us in celebration of Sponsorship Day on Saturday 3 December, 11am–12:30pm, Pacific Standard Time (19:00–20:30 GMT). We are bringing together members from around the world to share their experience with sponsorship. Web meeting ID: 868 9235 1689 Passcode: 1953. You can download a flyer here: Spanish and Portuguese Interpretation will be provided. Please contact us if you plan to attend and require interpretation into another language:

DRT/MAT Survey Closing Soon

We have been surveying all members about what to include in a piece of NA recovery literature about drug replacement therapy and medication-assisted treatment and NA. The 2018 World Service Conference adopted a motion charging NA World Services with creating a project plan for a new piece of recovery literature for members about DRT/MAT as it relates to NA. This survey is an important step in the process.

The survey will be posted through the end of this month: Share your thoughts.

2023 Order Form/Price List

In May, we announced that beginning 1 January, the price of books and bronze medallions would increase 12%. We have posted a new order form with the 2023 prices: (The European order form will be posted soon.) We wish circumstances were different, but our direct costs for book-length titles have increased almost 30%. For more information see the May 2022 notice:

Newly Posted Items

On a brighter note, we posted a video of IP#1 in American Sign Language! Select ASL from the drop-down menu at to check it out. That brings the number of posted languages for IP #1 to 57! Amazing.

We also recently posted an audio version of the Brazilian Portuguese Basic Text for free streaming or download:

And we reorganized our service material webpages. The Basics are all here, and the handbooks are all here

Yours in service,

World Board

60th LWB, Unity Day, SPAD, Loner Survey


We are writing about four topics:

  • The 60th Anniversary White Book is back in stock.
  • Join us for a celebration of recovery on Unity Day.
  • We will email when SPAD is available.
  • The Loner Survey is coming down at the end of the month.

60th Anniversary White Book

We ran out of copies of the 60th anniversary White Bookbriefly, but it is back in stock. As a reminder, this special edition contains the complete English Little White Book, plus stories from the 13 other language versions translated into English. It’s item #1501 for $15, in our webstore: As we have reported, supply chain issues have affected World Services. We are trying to build back inventory, but in the meantime, we appreciate your patience when we are out of stock of an item.

Unity Day Webinar

On Unity Day, 3 September, 11:00am–12:30pm, Pacific Daylight Time (18:00–19:30), we are hosting a recovery meeting with six speakers, long-term members and members from around the globe. At the close, we will join with members around the world to say the Serenity Prayer.

Webinar ID: 865 5633 3089 Passcode: 1953. The meeting will also be livestreamed, and that link will be posted at the meeting begins.


We have written to you about this before, but we continue to get questions: We expect to have A Spiritual Principle a Dayfor sale before the end of the year. Because of the delays we have previously experienced, we only commit to what we know we can make happen. We will send an email notification, including pricing, when it is in stock. (We’re excited too.)

Loner Survey

We have been surveying the Fellowship to ask for input about a revision to The Loner, IP #21. The survey will be up through the end of August:

Yours in service,

World Board

SPAD translations, job opportunities


We are writing about two topics:

Translations of SPAD

We are pleased to hear members are eager to read A Spiritual Principle a Day (SPAD). In a number of places, that eagerness has resulted in translations undertaken by individuals or groups of members. The enthusiasm is understandable, but there is a well-established process to translate NA literature. It’s a careful, methodical process, guided by NA members experienced in NA translations that includes the local NA community’s participation and approval. World Services goes to great lengths to protect NA literature so that it all belongs to the Fellowship as a whole. Unofficial translations can sometimes have unintended consequences. The irony of translations that happen outside of the established process is that, even though they are usually motivated by good intentions, they can actually undermine members’ control over NA literature.

Local Translation Committees can contact translations@na.orgregarding SPAD translations.

For more information on how NA literature is translated, see Translations Basicsand the Translations Process Diagramon our media page:

If you are keen to read SPAD in a language other than English, we encourage you to subscribe to the English daily readingsand use translation software to read them in your own language:

Job Opportunities

We want to remind everyone that we have job openings at the World Service Office:

These positions work out of the Chatsworth, California office. Unfortunately, we are not able to consider applicants who are not already permitted to work in the United States.

We are certainly happy to be able to hire a few more people, but even with recent and potential hires (one of which is to replace a staff person who is leaving), we are nowhere near pre-pandemic levels for World Services’ staff. We continue to do more with less. Your contributions to World Services are still needed and appreciated:

Thank you to everyone who contributes to NA, whether financially, through service, through sponsorship, or by making sure members feel welcome and at home in our meetings.

With gratitude,

World Board

SPAD emails and Job Openings


We have three exciting things to tell you about.

Read on for more details. 

Get SPAD Delivered to Your In Box Every Day

We just launched a daily email subscription for A Spiritual Principle a Day. The book was approved by consensus in April at the World Service Conference and should be available for purchase later this year. In the meantime, you can sign up to receive each day’s reading via email: As Fellowship-approved literature, SPAD can be read in NA meetings. We hope the email subscription makes it easier for meetings that wish to make SPAD part of their format in some way.

All of NAWS subscriptions are free. We are able to provide these services due, in part, to the generous contributions of our members. Recurring contributions from members are the most stable source of funds for World Services. If you already have a recurring contribution set up, thank you! If you don’t yet have one, check it out: It’s easy to set one up, and every little bit helps. Together we can!

Come Join World Services—We Have Job Openings

NA World Services has just posted three job openings at our Chatsworth, California office: Database Assistant, Writer/Editor, and Public Relations Assistant. More information about each is here: Each posting has contact information for where interested members can send a resume or ask a question. General inquiries can be sent to

Please share this with any members who might be interested.

Webinar: New Ideas for Fellowship Development

9 July, 11am–12:30pm, Pacific Daylight Time (18:00–19:30 GMT) we are holding a webinar on new ideas for Fellowship development. Members around the world will share what’s working in their communities, and there will some time for questions and answers. Interpretation into Farsi, French, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish will be provided. You can download flyers here:

Log-in information:

Meeting ID: 876 6065 2792

Passcode: 1953

Dial by your location

 833 548 0276 US Toll-free

 Find your local number:

 We hope to see you there!

Yours in service,

World Board

July RSC Announcement

July RSC Announcement

RSC, C&E, Activities, Public information, Public Relations, and Hospitals and Institutions will be meeting in person and through Zoom in July. Please see the Service Meeting section for more information.

Literature and IT Services will remain virtual only. The information is also located in the Service Meeting Section.

Price increase notification, 60th Anniversary White Book, and SPAD


We are writing to announce several things:

Price Increase

We wish it was not necessary, but costs of production have risen so dramatically that we believe scheduling a price increase is prudent. Effective 1 January 2023, the price of all books and bronze medallions will increase 12%.

We are not recommending increases on the materials our NA groups most frequently give away, even though our costs have increased substantially on these items as well. That means there will be no increase to the current prices of IPs, booklets, keytags, or chips. This feels the most helpful way to show that we are all in this together and to do what we can to ease the burden on groups.

For more information, please see the memo posted at Again, we wish this were not necessary.

60th Anniversary White Book

At last, the 60th Anniversary White Book is available for sale. This special edition collects English translations of all 85 stories in the 13 language versions that have local personal stories plus the eight stories in the English Little White Book. It’s a handsome volume, and at $15, it makes a great gift. Heck, buy yourself a present!

Click here to order, or search for item #1501 at

SPADis Approved Literature

We have a new book on the way! A Spiritual Principle a Day was approved with consensus support at the 2022 World Service Conference. As is our typical practice, when the new book was approved, we removed the approval draft from the website. It can take around six months for production of a book after it is approved by the World Service Conference. In the meantime, we intend to begin offering a free daily email subscription as we do with Just for Today, soon. As approved literature, SPAD, can be read at a group level.

Email us if you have any questions:

In service,

Your World Board

NAWS Update


We have a new report and a new resource to announce. Also, the World Service Conference begins in a few days, and observers are welcome:

Annual Report

We just posted the 2021 Annual Report: For the second year in a row, the AR is digital. If you prefer a printable, downloadable version, the PDF posted on the same page has all of the same information.

This report covers the period from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021. There is always a delay between the end of the fiscal year and the publication of our annual report because of the complexity of our operations. We have branches in five different countries with different currencies. We also undergo an annual external audit. We hope you enjoy the report; it gives a comprehensive look at our finances for the year.

Virtual Meeting Basics

We are very pleased to have posted the delegate review draft of Virtual Meeting Basics on and This draft has been years in the making, and many of you have helped. Thank you! It’s a great resource that covers a wide range of topics about virtual meetings—from how to welcome newcomers and deal with sponsorship, clean time celebrations, and literature, to tips for going hybrid and how to keep the meeting safe from disruption.

Check it out and let us know what you think: The draft is posted for delegate review for 90 days. After the review period, we will address any input if needed and post a revised version.

World Service Conference Livestream

The World Service Conference is scheduled for 22, 23, 29, and 30 April. An agenda is posted on the conference webpage: We will livestream the conference via YouTube for members who want to observe. That link will be posted on the conference page shortly after the sessions begin.

Email us if you have any questions:

In service,

Your World Board

A(nother) Month of Caring and Sharing

NEW!  April 1 – 30, 2022

Another Month of Caring & Sharing, The Journey Continues. April 1-30, 2022 will be hosted by the New England Region of Narcotics Anonymous.Spend the month with members around the world as we celebrate A Life Worth Living. This is a virtual multi-media multi-lingual series of events with speakers, interactive workshops, history and videos.

Our purpose is to keep what we have by giving it away, and to realize Our Vision by further developing the practice of increased individual recurring contributions to NA World Services.

If your group, area, region or service body would like to participate please e-mail or use the contact form under the contact us tab.

Join the meeting!

View calendar of events

Please, support this event which was driven by our region for the first 2 years and is now being hosted by the New England Region and we want to support them the way they supported us.

Upcoming Events