We are working hard to get the Conference Agenda Report finalized and posted. In the meantime, there are some important dates and new resources to tell you about:

2023 CAR Is Posted

The 2023 Conference Agenda Report has been posted more than a week early. (The publication deadline this cycle is 30 November.) Translated versions will be available by 30 December. At the onset of the pandemic, we discontinued paper mailings of publications including the CAR. Interested members can download the document for free from the link on www.na.org/conference.

We will post PowerPoints and videos summarizing the CAR contents as soon as we are able to complete them.

We have also posted the CAR survey at www.na.org/survey. We encourage all members to fill it out before 1 April 2023. Survey results help the conference prioritize the work ahead. If you have any questions about the CAR content, drop us a line: wb@na.org.

Sponsorship Day

The first of December is Sponsorship Day. We offer some items that can help you mark the occasion. Sponsorship-related ecards are available to send when members make a contribution to World Services by selecting Send Some Love on the contributions page: www.na.org/contribute. Sponsorship medallions are only $5 (item 9603) from our webstore (www.na.org/webstore) or $10 with a keyring holder (item 9603b).

Join us in celebration of Sponsorship Day on Saturday 3 December, 11am–12:30pm, Pacific Standard Time (19:00–20:30 GMT). We are bringing together members from around the world to share their experience with sponsorship. Web meeting ID: 868 9235 1689 Passcode: 1953. You can download a flyer here: www.na.org/webinar. Spanish and Portuguese Interpretation will be provided. Please contact us if you plan to attend and require interpretation into another language: wb@na.org.

DRT/MAT Survey Closing Soon

We have been surveying all members about what to include in a piece of NA recovery literature about drug replacement therapy and medication-assisted treatment and NA. The 2018 World Service Conference adopted a motion charging NA World Services with creating a project plan for a new piece of recovery literature for members about DRT/MAT as it relates to NA. This survey is an important step in the process.

The survey will be posted through the end of this month: www.na.org/survey. Share your thoughts.

2023 Order Form/Price List

In May, we announced that beginning 1 January, the price of books and bronze medallions would increase 12%. We have posted a new order form with the 2023 prices: https://www.na.org/?ID=catalog-products. (The European order form will be posted soon.) We wish circumstances were different, but our direct costs for book-length titles have increased almost 30%. For more information see the May 2022 notice: http://www.na.org/admin/include/spaw2/uploads/pdf/2023%20price%20increase%20memo%20to%20post.pdf.

Newly Posted Items

On a brighter note, we posted a video of IP#1 in American Sign Language! Select ASL from the drop-down menu at www.na.org/ips to check it out. That brings the number of posted languages for IP #1 to 57! Amazing.

We also recently posted an audio version of the Brazilian Portuguese Basic Text for free streaming or download: www.na.org/audio.

And we reorganized our service material webpages. The Basics are all here www.na.org/basics, and the handbooks are all here www.na.org/handbooks.

Yours in service,

World Board