We are writing about four topics:

  • The 60th Anniversary White Book is back in stock.
  • Join us for a celebration of recovery on Unity Day.
  • We will email when SPAD is available.
  • The Loner Survey is coming down at the end of the month.

60th Anniversary White Book

We ran out of copies of the 60th anniversary White Bookbriefly, but it is back in stock. As a reminder, this special edition contains the complete English Little White Book, plus stories from the 13 other language versions translated into English. It’s item #1501 for $15, in our webstore: www.na.org/webstore. As we have reported, supply chain issues have affected World Services. We are trying to build back inventory, but in the meantime, we appreciate your patience when we are out of stock of an item.

Unity Day Webinar

On Unity Day, 3 September, 11:00am–12:30pm, Pacific Daylight Time (18:00–19:30), we are hosting a recovery meeting with six speakers, long-term members and members from around the globe. At the close, we will join with members around the world to say the Serenity Prayer.

Webinar ID: 865 5633 3089 Passcode: 1953. The meeting will also be livestreamed, and that link will be posted at www.na.org/webinarwhen the meeting begins.


We have written to you about this before, but we continue to get questions: We expect to have A Spiritual Principle a Dayfor sale before the end of the year. Because of the delays we have previously experienced, we only commit to what we know we can make happen. We will send an email notification, including pricing, when it is in stock. (We’re excited too.)

Loner Survey

We have been surveying the Fellowship to ask for input about a revision to The Loner, IP #21. The survey will be up through the end of August: www.na.org/survey

Yours in service,

World Board