We are writing about two topics:

Translations of SPAD

We are pleased to hear members are eager to read A Spiritual Principle a Day (SPAD). In a number of places, that eagerness has resulted in translations undertaken by individuals or groups of members. The enthusiasm is understandable, but there is a well-established process to translate NA literature. It’s a careful, methodical process, guided by NA members experienced in NA translations that includes the local NA community’s participation and approval. World Services goes to great lengths to protect NA literature so that it all belongs to the Fellowship as a whole. Unofficial translations can sometimes have unintended consequences. The irony of translations that happen outside of the established process is that, even though they are usually motivated by good intentions, they can actually undermine members’ control over NA literature.

Local Translation Committees can contact translations@na.orgregarding SPAD translations.

For more information on how NA literature is translated, see Translations Basicsand the Translations Process Diagramon our media page: www.na.org/media.

If you are keen to read SPAD in a language other than English, we encourage you to subscribe to the English daily readingsand use translation software to read them in your own language: www.na.org/subscribe.

Job Opportunities

We want to remind everyone that we have job openings at the World Service Office: www.na.org/jobs.

These positions work out of the Chatsworth, California office. Unfortunately, we are not able to consider applicants who are not already permitted to work in the United States.

We are certainly happy to be able to hire a few more people, but even with recent and potential hires (one of which is to replace a staff person who is leaving), we are nowhere near pre-pandemic levels for World Services’ staff. We continue to do more with less. Your contributions to World Services are still needed and appreciated: www.na.org/contribute.

Thank you to everyone who contributes to NA, whether financially, through service, through sponsorship, or by making sure members feel welcome and at home in our meetings.

With gratitude,

World Board